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Using The Stars For A Better Accommodation

Posted by in Travel: Lodging: Accommodation  ~  March 12, 2012 03:01:28 PM

No, we’re not talking about astrology to have a better home. Rather, we’re going to look at the benefits and the pitfalls of the Star Rating of the hotels around the world. The hotels around the world are classified with the number of stars. Most of the hotels are rated from one star to five stars based on their ability to give the customer the best accommodations as possible. The more stars means the better accommodation.

In fact, there’s no clear definition on why a hotel will be rank with such a star, it’s just common knowledge that simple motels and drive-through accommodations are just one star. They may have air conditioners or heating systems but that’s just all. Expect a small television and your bathroom that’s really small. The prices as of this writing don’t reach $50 per night. Two and three stars go a little better with other accommodations such as a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi in each room and a room service that’s almost available 24 hours. For four star and five star hotels, think of the hotels located in the strip of Las Vegas. Most of the time, the best a hotel can have is on a four or five star hotels. Not only your room will be full of amenities, you’ll also get personalized services where almost all the things that you need will be given anytime. Aside from the accommodation that you’ll experience, the room will also give you one of the best views the hotel can offer.

However, don’t just jump in to the conclusion that the hotel is perfect for you since they have the number of stars stuck to their name. Before you go ahead and book the hotel that you really like, research a little bit. Famous hotels will have an honest view from the people that have been there. Feedback from the people that have stayed there is the most reliable since they paid huge sums of money and don’t want the business to continue its bad ways. The best place to know the feedbacks are through online travel reservations. The hotels will have their own rating, and there are other people who will be placing their feedback whether the hotel is up to what they expect or not.

The reason that some of the hotels that will have a specific star is because they are a member of the chains of hotels. This could be very automatic and if you’re booking with a hotel that’s a member of the chain, be sure to get some feedback of some of the guests that have stayed there.

Some of the hotels will have mixed feedbacks. There will be groups that love the hotel and others doesn’t really give their two thumbs up. Read through them and take note on the things that they like. A famous hotel will have their own identity and you should look into it based on the things that you would prefer.

So don’t only use the stars as gauge to have a better accommodation, use the feedbacks, and research to know more about the hotel.