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The Gift of Diplomacy

Posted by in Society: Relationships  ~  June 16, 2012 10:31:13 PM

There are some people that rub the wrong way, even if their intentions are genuinely sincere and they don’t mean any harm. There are on the other hand others who come across nice and gentle even though their words and intentions are not as well- meaning. The difference between the two is diplomacy.

Being diplomatic, or tactful in more common terms, is a skill that is underrated. When students are being taught language and writing, they are exposed to poetry and creative writing. But the real benefits of using flowery words are not emphasized. Giving a lot of thought into ones speech and dressing it up upon delivery are not for aesthetics alone. The appeal to the right emotions is the main objective, for better chances for ones ideas to be bought. And this is what happens during conversations, two individuals exchange thoughts and weigh whose ideas are sounder to consider.

Diplomacy is most critical during confrontations where one has to tackle sensitive issues, and the one on the other end has to be managed well. The formula approach of a diplomat is to package the message by choosing the right words that would trigger the correct emotions. Here, a wide vocabulary is most essential as synonymous terms are better reviewed to find the less trifling word.

Manner of speaking also counts. When delivering the message, the intonations and gestures will have an impact. One can say a curse while batting eyelashes sweetly and get away with it. But if the curse is delivered with hands banging on a table, the emotions elicited from those around would be completely different.

Many argue that if one has power and authority, this skill is no longer important as he can do as he wants without having to please other people. Not quite true. On the contrary, the higher up a person is, the more handy the skill of diplomacy is. When on top, there are many jealous minions, eager to take the seat from the king. The usual attack of those waiting in line is to ruin the credibility of their head and create an uproar to topple him over. A diplomatic leader has better chances of maintain his high position by first, blocking off this option of attack. By being known to be a man who possess sharpness in words, the cunning subordinate will surely think twice before engaging a battle in that arena. Tact would also make a leader generally more effective and well accepted. A diplomat can deliver the worse news and still manage the reaction of crowds with the correct words. And as he does so, he is deemed as a strong and stable leader, one that their team can rely on.

For those still finding their way to the top, diplomacy is as advantageous in position oneself in the mind of those in charge as one that the boss and many people “can like”, making him a good candidate for the team lead post.

To increase ones way to power, master the thesaurus for starters and uncover the many opportunities this can open up.