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Know Credit Card Fees Before You Use Your Credit Card

Posted by in Finance: Credit & Debit Cards  ~  May 26, 2012 10:28:00 PM

Credit cards are a great tool for making payments of purchases in your everyday life. Like most things though – it comes with fees that you need to pay when the time is up.

Annual Fees

Some credit card companies charge an annual fee for membership. The prices for these annual fees varies depending on credit card issuers. Credit cards with an annual membership fee usually offer added benefits for their members such as airline mileage and higher cash back rate. However, it is good to keep an eye out for this fee if you plan on not paying any just to carry your card.

Cash Advance Fees

There may be times when you need quick cash. What better way than to get it from your credit card? Unfortunately, most credit card companies charge a cash advance fee upwards on the amount that you advance. Depending on credit card companies, there may be a minimum cash advance fee. Besides the cash advance fee, you also need to pay daily interest with the borrowed money. Thus, it is usually much more costly to obtain a cash advance than to purchase with your credit card.

Balance-Transfer Fees

When you use checks issued by your credit card to transfer the balance on it to another credit card, you will get charged balance transfer fee, which typically is 3% of the amount you transfer. Even with such fees, balance transfer can cost you less in the end if the credit card company to which you transfer your balance offer significantly lower interest rate than the one that you owe your balance.

Late Fees

With most things, credit cards do come with late fees for payments that are not made on time at the end of the month. It is always good to pay your credit card fees so that you do not dig yourself a deeper and deeper hole each month. You will be charged a late fee for every payment that you make late. You need to stay organized and maintain a good record of paying your bills on time. Depending on the company, having a good record regarding payment may help you in the future when you do miss a payment. The credit card company could waive that late fee if they see that you have been responsible in the past. Using telephone to pay your credit card bills or using the Internet to pay your bills online are a quick alternative to mailing in your payments in each month. There is almost always a telephone number and web address printed on the back of your credit card and at the top and bottom of your monthly statements. Use these methods when your due date is nearing and you have not made the payment yet.