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Important Guidelines in Creating Obituaries

Posted by in Society: Death  ~  April 23, 2012 05:02:37 PM

Obituaries are often seen in dailies and other print materials on a daily or weekly basis. Families who wish to have their deceased loved ones’ details printed on an obituary do so to publicize the event and therefore reach other relatives or close friends whom they may have lost contact with. This being said, it becomes apparent now that obituaries are not simply for those families who belong to prominent backgrounds. Most people have this perception that only those who belong to popular families are the ones who get their names in obituaries. But this is not true.

Obituaries need to be as detailed as possible, with the specific inclusions of the family members duly noted. Creating an obituary is not that simple, mind you. it involves a detailed process of making sure that all necessary information be included in the print to be published. In writing an obituary, you do not simply have to think about creative ways on how you can communicate the life of the deceased. It is important that you get a true glimpse of the deceased person’s background. To achieve this, you can simply coordinate with the family members so that you can make sure you have all the data right.

There are also a few important pointers you need to remember when creating an obituary. The first thing which you need to begin with is the demographics of the deceased person. This will include his or her full name, the full address, age died as well as the person’s birth date and the date of death. You can also mention where the person has died. Apart from the full name, it will also be important to include the nickname for friends and far relatives who may not recognize the person from his or her full name alone. Usually, older people become more popularly known through their nickname rather than their formal given names.

Aside from the person’s demographics, you should also include other personal information when creating an obituary. In here you should mention if the person is married, to whom was he or she married, the deceased’s educational attainment and employment status, it will also be wise to mention where the person have worked to reach colleagues he or she may have connected with before. You should also mention other interesting pieces of personal information such as hobbies and interests which may eventually lead to the person’s affiliations with certain social organizations.

And most of all, never forget to write about the funeral details of the deceased. This is very important because this is where the people who will be reading your obituaries will ultimately want to know so they can pay their final homage to their friend or relative. You should be precise with the schedules as well as the time when the deceased can be visited. Aside from the information on the burial and funeral’s venue, you should also make sure that the deceased’ immediate family who have been left behind are mentioned including any contact details to where they can be reached.