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Guide To Writing A Cover Letter

Posted by in Business: Employment: Resumes  ~  April 27, 2012 04:08:43 PM

A cover letter is a letter sent to a potential employer along with your resume or CV when applying for a job. It is important in that it tells who is the intended recipient of the résumé, and it elaborates on the sender’s knowledge of the company and his desire to work in it – both points which prove beneficial to the one who is applying.

Each cover letter must be tailor-made for a specific potential employer. You can recopy some of the text for your cover letters within the same industry, but each letter must contain references about the company or the employer, and what the company or employer has done. Else, research on:

  • Hiring trends
  • Important businesses
  • Phrases and subject matters
  • Popular terms
  • Significant recent transactions
  • Technological trends

With the background information about the industry, you will be able to write the appropriate cover letters for the job you’re applying for. For individual company or employers, research on:

  • Hiring trends and employment needs
  • History of the company
  • Important current transactions and developments
  • Major clients and customers
  • Nature of the company’s business

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the industry and company you are applying for, the more effective your cover letter will be – thus communicating that you are a good candidate. When writing the actual cover letter:

  • Write your address first, followed by the address of the company you are applying for.
  • Don’t abbreviate – especially if it’s the title and address of the recipient.
  • Write directly to the one in charge of recruitment.
  • Always sign the letter.

Useful key phrases include:

  • As seen from my enclosed résumé, my experience and qualifications match the position’s requirements.
  • During …., I improved (furthered, extended, etc.) my knowledge of…,
  • I would like to point out… immediately upon his return.
  • I am writing to you in response to your advertisement for…
  • I look forward to an opportunity to speak with you in person. (OR to speak with you personally).
  • I have enclosed a copy of my résumé for your review.
  • I would welcome the opportunity to personally discuss my potential contributions to your company with you.
  • My current position …. has provided the opportunity to …
  • Please accept this letter as an expression of interest in the position of…
  • I look forward to your reply.

The most important detail is the name of the recipient of the cover letter and resume. To get this vital information, simply phone the company’s main line and ask to speak to the one in charge of recruitment. Then simply ask the name and the address of the one who accepts résumés.

If you know someone who works in the company you are applying for, mention his name in the cover letter and send him a copy of your résumé and cover letter. This could help too.