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Five Ways To Improve Your Health Overnight

Posted by in Health: Fitness  ~  May 15, 2012 06:24:28 PM

How many times have we set out to improve our health only to give up before we ever really get started? If you are like most people it is quite often. Given this common stopping and starting, it begs the question why? Why do we commit to a healthier lifestyle and then come up short over and over? Usually, the answer to that question is simply that we do not have realistic goals. We attempt to make earth shattering changes and we try to do them all overnight. Fortunately there are a number of health changes we can make that are not so tough. Here are five things that you can do overnight to change your health for the rest of your life. They are all easy, and you can start them right away.

1. Add water to the menu

We all love to have certain types of drinks. Coke, Dr. Pepper, sweet tea, coffee, lemonade, and many others are very addictive and very bad for us. If you are on the sugar train like this, you are hurting your body in ways you do not even realize. Do you wish that you could stay healthy and still have these things? Well, you can not exactly ever make a Dr. Pepper good for you, but you can certainly lessen the damage. For every single time you drink a “bad” beverage, you need to drink water the next three times. If you do this, you will minimize the amount of bad and replace it with nature’s perfect beverage. Water will help your health regardless of age.

2. Cut out the fat

Again, this is tougher than it seems on the surface. Still, we need to understand that the slightest changes in your food intake can make huge changes to your metabolism. Make a deal with yourself that you can have a fatty meal once a week. The rest of the week, you eat things that are good for you. This will make that fatty food start to taste rather disgusting after a while. You will grow used to the healthy food and probably eliminate the fatty food completely over time.

3. Get a solid night’s sleep

This is one thing that we all can do rather easily if we give it some effort. In the beginning, it may be tough. If you stick to a sleep schedule, however, and do not give up, then you will eventually sleep on that schedule. If you suffer from sleep disorders, then this may be especially hard. Still, it is necessary to give your body the rest it needs to grow healthy. Get some rest!

4. Thirty minutes of exercise

I do not care if you are the most in demand person on the planet, you can spare thirty minutes. Thirty solid minutes of exercise and activity is the least you can give your body, and you can do this every single day. If you do nothing else, commit to this much exercise every single day. Ride a bike, climb a hill, or hit the steps at your office. Whatever you must do to get it in, do it.

5. Begin the progression of eliminating smoking, dipping, alcohol

We all have habits that are bad. Some of us are smokers, and some of us are drinkers. Lord forbid, some of us have them all as bad habits. If you have a bad habit, commit to a slow progression of healing. How? Using smoking as an example, you could cut one cigarette out per week. One per week less does not seem like much, but after five months that is a pack. If you commit to this and stick to it, your body will begin healing and your habit will lose its hold on your life. Do it for yourself and then for everyone that loves you.