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Five Things For Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip

Posted by in Recreation: Motorcycles  ~  March 23, 2012 12:55:43 PM

The motorcycle road trip has been around for as long as there have been motorcycles. This rite of motorcycle riding passage has it’s own special flavor of fun, and no two trips are ever the same. Trying to recreate a particular trip is near impossible, because you never know what to expect on a given road trip. This is the draw for the motorcycle riders in the first place…unpredictability. There are some things that you can do, however, to ensure that you have a great time on your motorcycle road trip. Here are five things that you need to have:

Good Riding Company

While certainly hitting the open road on your own has its merits, there is nothing quite like gathering several of your good friends for a group road trip. The brotherhood of the bike is a dynamic that can not be overlooked when building the ultimate motorcycle road trip. If you are surrounded by your friends and fellow riders, the trip is that much more sweet.


What good is the ultimate motorcycle road trip if you do not bring a good camera to document the trip? Pack a good camera or camcorder to capture those memories on your road trip. The ride is all about building memories and friendships.

A Dependable Bike

Without a decent ride, you are begging for a motorcycle road trip nightmare. Nothing is worse for you and your fellow riders than a bike that breaks down every 25 miles. You do not want to be spending all your time at the parts store when you could be running the open road in search of great motorcycle memories. Make sure your bike is dependable before you head out.

Scenic Journey

A great motorcycle road trip takes the back roads that are not loaded down with traffic. The highway is not what you are after here. Long, lonely stretches of road with outstanding scenery is what you are after on a great road trip. The motorcycle road trip is about the journey and not the destination. Make sure you plan accordingly.

Good Weather

Taking the time to catch a weather report or two before you leave is a good idea. Nothing is worse than trying to ride in cold weather. Rain is even worse. Pick a time for the ultimate motorcycle road trip when you will be free of these harsh outdoor conditions. Oddly enough, however, the bad weather rides will be the most memorable. Ten years from now, you will remember that road trip where you rode in the snow.

If you remember the things above when you are planning your ultimate motorcycle road trip, you are sure to have great fun. Every motorcycle road trip will take on its own personality, and you will quickly find yourself planning the next one before you finish the ride you are on.