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Combine Multiple IM Systems Into One Place

Posted by in Computers: Internet: Chats & Forums: Instant Messaging  ~  March 16, 2012 06:14:05 PM

If you’re using your instant messaging software installed on your computer, there are new developments going on online that you may be interested in. The, so called, online instant messengers are slowly gaining popularity, and these are perfect for people who have various instant messaging accounts.

The trouble with existing messenger software programs is that you need to configure them one by one before it will work to your own advantage. Sometimes you just wanted your messages to stay in one place and will only be available if you check them. No more pop-up messages to ruin things, especially when you’re playing online. So check out these online messaging tools and see if they suit your need. These tools are quite useful and you’ll find yourself creating an account or trying it out before the end of this article.

This is probably the youngest of the online instant messaging software right now. You can log in to use yahoo, msn, Google talk and AOL. Once you are logged in to a specific system, another page will pop out with all the contacts in your IM. As of this writing, you need to sign in to all your instant messaging accounts one by one to access them all.

This nifty service is getting better every time. Like most of the online messaging services, it can cater to MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Google. Instead of logging in to the messaging system one by one, you can actually create an account and with just one user name and password, you can access them all. Even though the “one account for all” is still on beta version, I’m sure it will work just fine. One thing that makes stand out is you can actually use this online tool in your mobile devices. Just go to from your mobile browser and you are good to go.

Probably the best online tool for instant messaging. The website has developed so many features that instant messaging is only one of the services that they offer. can log you on to the common instant messaging services but it also offers ICQ and Jabber. You can create just one account and from there you’ll be able to see all your contacts that you included in your account all in one page. You can see all those who are online and from your Meebo account, easily get in touch with them. You can also take a look at their profile right at the webpage. You can also create groups to connect to others with the same interest as you.

Just some safety tips that you need to consider before you go on a full chat mode in these sites. Avoid giving out your credit card number and other personal information in these sites. Since this is a third party tool, there may be others that we don’t know monitoring your online activity right now. Not that we don’t trust these sites but some use these sites to get the information they want from the users.

So enjoy talking to your friends and be safe online with these great tools that you can use.