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Best Decor Themes For a New Basement

Posted by in Home: Home Improvement  ~  June 11, 2012 10:41:28 PM

For most people, a basement is very similar to an attic. It is just a place to store items that you generally do not use anymore. In reality, a new basement can be so much more. With the right décor, any basement can be transformed from a musty room to a great living space. Here are some décor themes for a new basement that you may want to take into consideration.

A Game Room for Kids

A new basement will make the perfect game room for children of all ages. There are many different things that you can do to create this appearance. For starters, you will want to have a television in the basement, with a couch or two for the children and their friends to play video games or watch movies. It is also a good idea to think about adding a pool table, ping pong table, or air hockey table. On the walls, you can hang posters of your child’s favorite celebrities or athletic figures. Younger kids may prefer to have pictures that they drew or colored hung on the walls. The best thing that you can do is get creative as possible to ensure that the basement will be a new sanctuary for your children.

Romantic Getaway Room

If you would prefer to have a basement that is ideal for date night, then you may want to think about a romantic getaway room. Paint the walls a soft color, such as light pink or lavender. Choose the perfect lighting. A television set and a couch that is large enough for two people to enjoy together is ideal. Hanging pictures of you and your husband or wife can also give the basement an extra home improvement romantic touch. This can be one of the easiest themes to create for a basement since you can pretty much decorate it any way that you want.

Room For Collector’s Items

Do you have tons of I Love Lucy memorabilia? What about a bunch of old wooden boats? Or perhaps Chinese plates or antique dolls were more your thing. No matter what type of items you collect personally or as a family, this can be a great décor theme for a basement. All that you need to do is find some type of rack to place the collector’s items. In addition to the room being a place for collector’s items, you may also want to add a couch and television set so that you can enjoy being in the basement with all of the items that you have collected over the years. This can be a very easy basement décor theme to create and will make you feel proud once you are done!

As you can see, there are many different themes for basement décor. No matter what type of theme it is that you are trying to create, the best thing that you can do is get as creative as you possibly can in your home decor. Remember that just like a living room, a basement will say a lot about your own personal style and tastes. Decorating it the way that you really want to can help ensure that any person who walks into your basement will be able to see a brand new, or maybe an old, side of you!