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3 Top Spots in Australia to Explore on Your Vacation

Posted by in Regional: Australia  ~  May 04, 2012 12:16:03 AM

Australia’s native tribes were forced from their lands by the Europeans. Its modern chronicle started out as a penal colony for the British during the 18th century. Convicts would arrive at the harbor in Sydney. The convicts were used to work the land and mine for gold during the gold rush of the 1850s.

Vacationing in Australia is a wish for many, but as the nation is so vast, where should one go?

1. The Capitol City of Canberra

The name Canberra comes from the aboriginals and it means “meeting place”. Canberra is located southwest of Sydney and northeast of Melbourne. Canberra won the title of capitol after a brief tug of war with the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Here is the center of power in all of Australia. Enjoy the fishing and sailing offered, and take in a game of football or cricket while you are there. The climate is mild and is attractive for most activities for which you will want to participate. In Canberra you can visit a wealth of attractions to give you a better idea of what Australia is all about.

2. Outdoor Adventure in Sydney

The harbor at Sydney is where the big cruise ships dock. It is a great place to explore the wildlife and book an ecological tour to give the visitor an authentic Australian experience. Sydney is the most popular tourist destination and visitors can indulge in the arts and culture that flourish here. There is a wide range of museums you may want to visit such as the Australian National Maritime Museum, and if you haven’t had enough of the sea, visit the Sydney Aquarium.

Take the time to explore Sydney Harbor which is said to be one of the most stunning harbors made by Mother Nature in the world. Be sure you get tickets to experience the pride of Sydney at the Opera House. Darling Harbor claims to be the greatest waterfront destination worldwide and it is just a stone’s throw away from the center of the city.

3. See the Wonder of the Great Barrier Reef

Travel to Queensland and get in the water where you will be amazed at the site of the Great Barrier Reef. It boasts the distinction of being the longest reef in the world at over 1500 miles long. Discover some of the world’s most unique marine and plant life while snorkeling or diving this natural wonder.

The Wet Tropics boast untouched rain forests that have called this area home for millions of years. It is a true masterpiece and a shining example of what Mother Nature is capable of creating. Scientists and nature lovers are happy to travel to this primeval forest to discover new treasures and experience the wonders of a place that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

If you are the more adventurous type, take a hot air balloon ride, sky dive if you dare or take a trip on a raft down a wet and wild river. You might decide to take a safari on trail bike or travel to the outback on an ATV. At the end of a long and busy day, sit back and relax with a cocktail and watch the sun set on this pristine wilderness.