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Reasons to Visit Lancaster County, PA

Posted by in Regional: United States: Pennsylvania  ~  May 29, 2012 08:46:37 PM

Lancaster County, PA is one of the most well known tourist spots in the Northeast. Lancaster, which is otherwise referred to as Amish country, is a great place to visit. Many people have a hard time finding enough reasons to consider doing visiting Lancaster, however. Here are some of the different reasons to think about visiting this country area in the heart of Pennsylvania.

See a Different Way of Life

The main reason to think about visiting Lancaster County is to witness a different way of life. The Amish, who do not use electricity, likely have a lifestyle that varies a lot from your own. Whether you live in New York City or the suburbs, there is a strong possibility that you are used to a lifestyle that is much more fast paced than what is experienced in this part of PA. It will be very interesting for you to see how other people can live so differently than you do. Many may say that Lancaster is boring, but it is likely that you will be so dumbfounded by how different it is in comparison to what you are used to that there will really be no time for you to be bored.

Enjoy Home-style Cooking

One of the many reasons that many people enjoy visiting Lancaster is because you will find great home-style cooking. All of the food in Lancaster is grown on the farms. Unlike the rest of the world, which often takes advantage of fast food and tv dinners, the Amish still spend hours a day baking their own bread and making everything from scratch. For breakfast, you will be able to enjoy eggs that have been plucked from a chicken’s nest. If you are someone who really enjoys eating meat and potatoes, Lancaster County has something to offer you. Also keep in mind that there are many homemade souvenirs that you can bring home, such as homemade jams and candy.

Lots of Fun Attractions

The good thing about visiting Lancaster is that there are a lot of fun attractions, including ones that you’re not necessarily used to. This is one of the towns in the United States where you will be able to enjoy horse and buggy rides, see bread being made, and visit corn mazes, as well as other activities that take place at farms. There are also other nearby attractions, such as Hershey Park and local petting zoos. Children, especially, will be sure to enjoy the attractions that Lancaster has to offer.

If you are thinking about visiting Lancaster, PA, it is important to remember that there are many things to see and do. Whether you want to spend the day enjoying some of the delicious homemade foods or if you want to visit Hershey Park, there is something that just about anyone will enjoy. Anyone who is looking for a nice weekend getaway from the rest of reality or those who are interested in getting a taste of Amish living will be sure to appreciate Lancaster.