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How to Keep Animals Out of the Garden

Posted by in Home: Gardening  ~  March 14, 2012 11:24:28 AM

We often dedicate our time and effort to make our garden beautiful, prolific, and well-maintained, unfortunately, there are some problems which may prove to be very challenging. One of the trickiest problems encountered by garden owners - especially those living from an environment where nature still runs wild with different beasts such as bears, deer, squirrels, and moles - is the question of how to keep the animals away from their much beloved area.

Here are a few ways in order to keep these pesky animals from entering your garden:

1. Fencing is the most conventional way of preventing animals from entering the garden, but this structure may sometimes be expensive especially for those which cover large areas. Always remember to use the appropriate building materials for fences which always must be sturdy and effective. Garden owners should also consider what type of animals they are trying to keep out.

2. For those people who are trying to prevent deer from entering their gardens and eating its vegetations and plants, the most effective technique for this is leaving a human scent around the perimeter of the garden. This animal is known to have a very strong sense of smell, and would easily recognize the smell of humans. Some people would leave nets which contain human hair around the boundary of the vegetable and fruit garden. When a deer smell the human pheromones, it would not cross the border.

3. Anything that emits strange and strong smell is often avoided by most wild animals. In some rural areas, people would hang bars of soap around the fence (the most effective one is a detergent bar soap which often come in a very strong scent).

4. For those birds who keep on feasting on your vegetations, you can create human replica (scarecrow) which can be made of any materials that are available as long as it has a semblance of a human body. This effigy must be dressed like a human to make it more realistic. In most cases, this method is effective since birds and animals have an instinct to avoid people, but in some instances, this may not be as effective as soon as these animals discovered that this crude image is really not a human being.

5. Some animals don’t like the smell of certain synthetic chemicals. Some body oils are used as an effective method to keep animals away from the garden. The body oil is poured from rags which will then be placed around the boundaries of the vegetation.

6. The presence of dogs, especially those large breeds which have louder barks, are often use as a determent for wild animals from entering inside the garden or vegetation.

7. There are plants which are not appealing to a certain animal. For example, if you are trying to keep deer away, you can plant lavenders, marigolds, or basils around the border since these vegetations are not included to these animals’ food list.