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Getting The Most Out Of Thrift Store Shopping

Posted by in Shopping: Consumer Guides  ~  April 24, 2012 05:41:29 PM

Thrift store shopping is becoming more and more popular in the current down-slide of our economy. We have spent so much time in the regular retail stores as a society that many people have lost their touch in shopping the thrift stores. Thrift stores are not like shopping in a regular retail outlet. There are a number of things that one must remember to maximize their thrift store shopping experience. Here are the most vital things you need to know:

1. Thrift store shopping is competitive

People everywhere are looking for that great looking dress that is just your size and came from a high end retailer. If you are shopping for a specific item, go directly to that section first when you go thrift store shopping. If you dilly dally at the book section at the front of the store on the way to women’s wear, that dress will be long gone. Go hunt what you are looking for first, and then do your breezy shopping.

2. Never skip the electronics section of your thrift store

The electronics section of the thrift store is often home to the best bargains in the entire place. VCRs, DVD players, televisions, old record players, and many many more items can be found at a fraction of their original cost. If you have an electronics buff that knows how to do repair work in the family, you can find huge bargains to be sure.

3. When you shop the thrift store, look everywhere for everything

The thrift store is often so inexpensive, that it pays you to check all the sections out. You will inevitably find other items that you did not know you needed. A bargain is a bargain after all.

4. Always understand that thrift stores are “as is” purchases

If you are going to spend over a hundred dollars on a thrift store item, you better make sure you have a repairman that can fix the item first in the family. Large dollar purchases are generally a bad idea in a thrift store unless you have a repairman to back up the purchase in case of problems.

5. It is okay to negotiate the thrift store prices

If you are purchasing a pair of three dollar shoes, I would not say to try to negotiate the price down with the thrift store manager. However, if you are buying a thirty dollar desk, it does not hurt to ask for a lower price. Many managers of thrift stores will gladly lower the price to get the extra room on their sales floor. This is particularly true of larger floor items.

6. Try on clothes every single time before buying thrift store clothes

Not only do you see if they fit correctly, but you will often find hidden tears, holes, picks, and other flaws that you did not see when looking on the hanger. Try them on and you will be happier with your purchases.

The thrift store is a great place to find excellent bargains to be sure, but you need to pay attention. Do not just randomly spend your money just because something is priced to move. Make sure it is something that you can actually use, and something that you actually want. If you stick to these common thrift store rules, you will find yourself loving your local thrift store.